Half Day tour 650,- Baht

Lunch + 150,-Baht

Only 30 minutes drive from Pattaya, you will discover the greatest tiger zoo in the entire world. From the moment you stepped in, you can feel the natural atmosphere and watch hundred of tigers in our tiger playground. Hold the tiger cub in your arms, feeding milk and take a memorable picture.

See how the sow can play a role of the tiger cubs' nanny. She feeds them with her own milk along with the piglets.

Make some new friends as you pet and feed camels, deers, wallabies, rabbits, elephants, ostriches and especially the tiger cubs which were born in the zoo.

“Happy Family” – the friendship between tiger, pig and dog, and see how they can live together in harmony. Learn more about the elephant by strolling through the “ Elephant Museum ”

Come and experience our “Crocodile Eggs Breaking Festival”, a unique and fantastic event you should not miss. The first ever in the world, every May to August.

Enjoys yourself in varieties of animal shows in “Amazing Circus”. Watch the excitement of crocodile Wrestling Show by lady performers. Impressed with the intelligence of pig in the Pig Racing Ground and Swimming Pool.


a sexy lady with hundred of poisonous scorpions.

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