private Taxi incl. Highway charge (max. 2 Person with Luggage)

Pattaya - Airport  1500,- Baht 

Airport - Pattaya  1600,- Baht

(Don Mueang Airport +400,-Baht) 

private Minibus incl. Highway charge (max.7 Person with Luggage)

Pattaya - Airport   2500,- Baht

Airport - Pattaya 2800,- Baht 

(Don Mueang Airport +500,-Baht)

Pattaya - Ko Samet

Minibus and Boat one-way 350,-Baht per Person

Roundtrip 700,- Baht per Person

Pattaya - Ko Chang

Minibus and Boat one-way to Island 700,-Baht, until your Resort + 150,-Baht  p.Person

Roundtrip 1400,-Baht, to/from Resort +300,-Baht 

Other Destinations on request !

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