The Elephant Show, which lasts one and half hours, demonstrates bathing, training and forestry skills of the elephants, concluding with the “Glong Sabad Chai” ceremony. 

The show commences at 14.30 hrs.

The price is 700 Baht per person for adults and 400 Baht for children under 100 cm in height.

On the Elephant Back Trek, the visitor will be taken on an elephant through undeveloped rural areas for one hour.  They will then be picked up by a four wheel drive Land Rover to be driven to the Silk House for a short visit.  Here they will be able to briefly witness the cultivation and processing of raw silk and see silk threads being weaved on a traditional hand loom.  After they have visited the Silk Hut, visitors will be driven back to the village to enjoy complimentary fruits in season. 

This trek takes place four times daily at 09.00, 10.30, 12.30 and 16.30 hrs. 

The price is 1500 Baht per person and 1000 Baht for children under 100 cm in height.

The Combination Trek lasts about three and half-hours and begins with a one hour elephant trek. This is followed by visit to the Silk House, a 30-minute jungle walk and then 30 minutes of rafting across a nearby lake. This is followed by an Ox-cart ride, and concludes with a buffet lunch or dinner. After lunch and dinner, visitors will be able to enjoy a classical sword fighting and martial arts show.  In addition, as dinner is served after sunset, visitors at this time will also be able to enjoy an additional fire arts display. This trek takes place twice daily at 10.30 and 16.00 hrs. 

The price is 2000 Baht per person and 1600 Baht for children under 100 cm in height.

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